Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Major Weenie Upgrade

I don't share Chris' interest in trying to put together a great hot dog at home. I haven't found an out of the box chili or slaw that suits me and to make a batch of quality homemade takes way too much time and effort. But my wife brought something home that might change my mind.

I've heard of Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs for years, mostly from Yankees from New York that say that if you've never had a Nathan's you never had a real hot dog. I've always dismissed it as just brash New Yorker BS. That was before I tried these:
Nathan's Famous all beef skinless. Oh my, but they are good. They are better than good, they are awesome. They might be the best weenies I have ever, ever eaten. I mean it folks. And this is after they've been packaged and shipped through who knows how many warehouses and distribution centers before they end up in the refrigerator case at Kroger. I can't begin to imagine how good they would be if you got them here. Of course I'm sure you couldn't get them there with chili and slaw, so it would probably be a wash. But if you are looking to make some home made WV Hot Dogs you would do well to splurge ($4.29 a package) and try these.

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Chris James said...

And you say Huntington is out of touch with West Virginia? Not all of us can "drop Hamiltons like our name is Aaron Burr" when we get the cravin'. but lets break it down, shall we...

Homemade slaw: On what planet is that too hard to make? Is there a different gravitational field in Chucktown than in the rest of the state, or is it just all of the hot air coming out of the state gov't that makes homemade slaw so difficult?

Sauce: I can see your point on the sauce being a pain to whip up, but there are these fancy contraptions called "freezers" that allow you to keep food for months. For some reason or another, hot dog sauce seems to keep its freshness in the freezer better than most foods (especially wieners).

Have you tried the Custard Stand sauce yet? It might change your mind, too. Its not as good as Sam's spicy sauce or that at Hillbilly Hot Dogs (IMO), but not bad, none the less.

Its good to see that Nathan's has a skinless weenie, though. When you first told me about getting some Nathan's dogs, I was about ready to run you out of the state on a rail; dropping you off just north of the Pennsylvania state line (or in Morgantown, which is honorarily part of PA), but now I am curious. They might have to be included in a future 'speriment.