Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Marmet HDJ Review - Sam's Hot Dog Stand

I erred when I wrote that the Malden location of Sam's was the furthest eastward outpost of this chain. Marmet is across the Kanawha River and few miles further east. I stumbled across this Sam's on the way back from Drawdy and I thought I should stop to see if the diversity we have found at Sam's locations would be continued here. It is.

The building is tiny and cramped, made even more so by the existence of a gambling room behind a smoked glass door (this is the second Sam's location that has a backroom gambling room. Interesting combination, hot dogs and video lottery) .

The first thing about this Sam's that was different was that they have only a "Hot Dog" listed on the menu. No "English Dog." No choice of mild or spicy chili. No "healthy dog" choice. Just a hot dog. I must observe that this chain is way more varied in its locations than any other franchised restaurant I've encountered.

But the "Hot Dog" was OK. Actually, it was better than OK, it was quite good. Compared to the Malden location, the weenie is better (not as waterlogged), but the chili isn't quite as good. As a result we're going to stick with the 4 Weenie rating for the Marmet location.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

Nothing kills the sting of losing next month's rent to the state government like a Sam's Hot Dog Stand hot dog.