Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clarksburg HDJ Review - D&P Restaurant

We've received a couple of e-mails recommending we give the D&P Restaurant a try. Right along U.S. Route 19 in the Edgewood section of Clarksburg rests a little white block building where the D&P Restaurant calls home. D&P, in this case, stands for Donna and Pete, the proprietors who manage the daily mayhem inside their crowded but quaint eatery. And when I say crowded, I don't mean that in anything less than it's purest form. There's plenty of seating, but not much in the way of walkways between the seats to get to the counter and place your order. Don't get pushy here either: this is a favorite lunch time gathering place for the local troops of the state police.

When I was finally able to get to the counter, Pete took my order and hollered over his shoulder for "two with everything". In this case, everything is onions, chili, and mustard. No slaw available at all. Considering the very short-listed menu I find it as a little bit of a let down. Sandwiches, hoagies, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings, and salad are the only menu items available. While all items are homemade, I would really have been pleased if that little extra umph had been given to develop a slaw as equally good as the rest of their offerings.
The hot dogs are grilled fresh continuously, which for some reason keeps the heat inside the wiener better as opposed to the standard boiling method. Personally, I much prefer grilled versus boiled, but that's just me. The preparation here allows it to get a nice, slightly charred color on the skin that adds to the overall flavor. The buns are kept nicely steamed, but never overdone so as to prevent them from falling apart.
The chili is a little on the thin side, but thankfully not watery. It had quite a bit of reddish tint, but surprisingly no tomato-based taste. This chili was of the spicy, northern WV variety. It contained a good bit of red pepper, but didn't overdo the spiciness. One thing that seemed to hurt the chili was the abundance of salt. In fact, it was a little too salty for my tastes. It would've been saved by a cool, sweet slaw. Although the chili wasn't bad in and of itself, it didn't really do anything to stand up and impress.
D&P's hot dogs rate three weenies. There's really nothing wrong with these hot dogs at all, but they just don't have that little something extra to put them over the top. Here's hoping some serious WVHD fans can encourage D&P to add slaw to their repertoire.

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Buzzardbilly said...

That is one loverly dog picture you've got there. Must be fun to go around sampling dogs for the greater good.