Thursday, June 12, 2008 goes big-time


Stanton Means, a 48-old hot dog afficionado-turned-blogger from Charleston,
W.Va., figures he downs nearly a dozen dogs every month while running the Web

"In our culture, it's definitely a staple," said Means, who prefers his
franks topped with chili, cole slaw, mustard and onions. "I often say that it's
an obligatory item for a menu in West Virginia. If you have a restaurant, you
have to have a hot dog, even if it's not a hot dog type restaurant."

But if he's cooking for friends, Means admits that even the
finest-grade frank doesn't hold a candle to whatever's on sale at the grocery
store — Oscar Mayer, Ball Park or otherwise.

"We'll probably look at price point, more than taste," he said. "If I'm
buying wieners just to make hot dogs for a picnic, I'm buying the cheap

All of this success has gone to Stanton's head. My salary has gone from 2 hot dog lunches per year to $225,000 with the only added responsibility being carrying Stanton's jewel-encrusted pimp cup around while we are at the club.

Pretty sweet.


The Film Geek said...

That's way cool! Way to go, hot dog bloggers.

Stanton said...

The reporter left out the reason I go for the cheap weenies: Because IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SLAW! (and a little bit about the chili - that's "sauce" for those of you in Huntington and up there in Mountaineer Country).

Jackie said...

Holy Cow! I've got no speech!

Anyways, now you can take me out to lunch....or start up the ol' "Dogcast" again. Either way I'll be a happy man :D

Rebecca Burch said...

Hehehehe! Awesome!!!! I knew I should have gotten Stanton's autograph before he got famous!

Pilates Works 4 Life said...

My hubby read the article to me this A.M. for one reason. He knows I'm a diehard slaw dog fan! I may live in Texas but VA is my home! And Texans are clueless on the advantages of a good slaw dog. I'm trying to convert a good friend and owner of a hot dog place in town. He has yet to add slaw to the menu. Perhaps your article will change his mind! Let's hope so because I have to BMOS when I go to his place to get a "dawg" (as they say in TX)!
Have a great Father's Day and think of us back here in TX the next time you order one of those delicious slaw chili dogs!

Chris James said...

If you can convince him to add slaw to the menu, maybe you can email us a special guest review.

MountainLaurel said...

Great article! (well, except for the slaw bit, but at least it's not required in the article.)

I use the term "sauce" as purely pragmatic. Once I ordered a hot dog in Chicago, I think it was. Ordered chili and they put practically a bowl of chili (actual chili, complete with beans!) on it. I could barely eat it ... I had to get a fork.