Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Most Famous Hot Dog in NASCAR - What Say Ye?

NASCAR.com has an...ahem..."interview" with the Martinsville Speedway hot dog.  Silliness aside, I'd like to ask if any of our readers have visited this track and had one these supposed works of culinary art.

So, if you've experienced a Martinsville hot dog, let us know what you thought about it.

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Stanton said...

All I know is that we get a ton of email asking if we've reviewed dogs from the Martinsville track. I tell them that the track is in East Virginia and that this blog is for West Virginia hot dogs. (Sometimes they reply and ask if I know their aunt in Richmond).

So while it's fine to link to this article as a public service to the geographically ignorant, we won't be traveling to NASCAR tracks to review hot dogs. A food blog has to stay focused on their mission. Other than that one trip to Atlanta and the odd Australian review that Chris outsourced a while back, we have never allowed our focus to be diffused like like some blogs we know who just this week eschewed reviewing the new Jamaican joint in favor of Captain D's. This in spite of their blog description says "Local Restaurant Reviews in Charleston, WV by Regular People..." For Shame!

Chris James said...

On a related note, HR 4353, the bill that would trade the Northern Panhandle for the small strip of land where M & M Dairy Bell is located in Ohio has cleared committee and is on its way to the House floor.

Stanton said...

Thanks for the legislative update, Chris. I know that you have championed this bill, but until it passes can you please keep your reviewing inside the boundaries the state?!!

Chris James said...

I am only limited by the cultural region of WV style hot dogs, not the quirks of the peace treaty that settled the 7 Years War some 240 years ago. I say yes to M & M and no to Yann's.