Monday, August 03, 2009

2009 Weenie Awards - W.Va.'s Best Hot Dog

After foiling a major ballot box stuffing attempt by a small but noisy group of Fairmont emailers, is finally able to confirm that this year's Weenie Award for the State's Best Hot Dog Joint goes to....................................

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Morrison's Drive Inn in Logan

The mere fact that we get more email from outside the state about this hot dog jont should be enough to cement its place in the Hall of Fame. Even more impressive is that Morrisons isn't on the way to anyplace for most of the state's population, and it is still revered far and wide. The other HDJ that garnered a lot of votes is revered in Fairmont, and by people who used to live in Fairmont.

Congratulations Morrisons, for winning your second Weenie Award!

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Chris James said...

Rumor has it that Stanton is leading in the polls for the next Logan County Commissioner.

Gallup polled 435 people buried at the Mt. Logan Memorial Gardens with a +- of 3 percent.