Monday, July 30, 2012

Downtown Charleston HDJ Death Match - Game On

At we believe that the single most important questions that we face as a society is "who has the best hot dog in town?" 

In our relentless pursuit to provide the best, unbiased opinions on this most important question we have decided on the "Death Match" approach: One Hot Dog Joint against another, with the winner surviving to take on another challenger. This process will be repeated until there are no more challengers and the winning HDJ will be crowned as the champion. 

Our first Death Match is for Downtown Charleston HDJs, with "Downtown" being defined as the area bounded by Kanawha Blvd to Piedmont Road, and from Clendenin Street to Morris Street.Today's match up was originally  originally was scheduled to pit Diana's Snack Bar against The. Blossom, but the latter closed up for good after Friday's lunch service, so Diana's wins by default.

Rather than postpone the match, we'll bring in a substitute for The Blossom: Donna's Cafe - thereby pitting two women-owned HDJs against each other in a hot dog cat fight of sorts.

Results to be posted later today.

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