Friday, October 12, 2012

Charleston West Side Hot Dog Joint Death Match

After taking a little time off following the Downtown Charleston HDJ Death Match, reader complaints have motivated us to get back to work. Our recon missions have already commenced and soon we will be publishing the first of our match ups.

We've had a little controversy regarding whether or not to include Skeenies in the West Side Death Match. Many feel that Skeenies is definitely part of the West Side and some believe its in North Charleston. Some say that anything on Sissonville Drive should be rightfully considered Sissonville. The judges have ruled and Skeenies will not be included in the West Side Death Match (that huge sigh of relief you heard was from every other HDJ in the contest). Perhaps there will be yet another death match for HDJs that are in the Charleston City Limits But Not Easily Defined As Belonging To A Major Culturally Specific Area (or CCLBNEDABTAMCSA (prounouced "Club-Ned-ab-tamska"). We'll see how that progresses.

But for now we turn our attention to the West Side (some say "Best Side") of Charleston. Unfortunately, Chris' Hot Dogs has recently closed, robbing the field of its most notable contender. Freeman's Restaurant has also closed. This leaves us with Hog and Dog, Sam's Hot Dog Stand, The Grill, Sista's Rib Shack, Tudor's,  and The Smokehouse. There are also a few bars that serve hot dogs that might be included if some reader writes in with an endorsement, but I'm not willing to risk life and stomach testing out bar hot dogs in hopes of finding one that might be better than your average gas station dog. Oh wait! Speaking of gas stations, I just remembered that One Stop has a little hot dog business so we'll include them in the tourney.

So watch this space next week for the opening round results!

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PoorOl'Dickie said...

JMHO but I say Chris's had gone down the hotdog hill prior to closing. Even still, they beat Skeenies, and the chain shack that does not bear mention. Chris's also had bad azz skin on fries. JMHO and that of my father, a 89 year old hot dog fan until his passing Feb. 28.