Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blog Traffic Trends

It's interesting to watch traffic statistics for this blog and also for the website over at Here are a few things I find particulary interesting:

- Ten times more people visit the sites during weekdays than on weekends, but more comments are left on weekends. Perhaps it's because the weekend browser is more leisurely and has the time to post a comment, whereas the weekday reader is looking for information for food. Either that or a lot of people are reticent to post at work for fear of key-loggers.

- People often stumble onto the blog while searching for dachsunds, but they often stay and look around for while. I would think weiner dog owners wouldn't be hot dog eaters. Shows how much I know.

- A lot of people from out of state are searching for information on "West Virginia Hot Dogs." While this pleases me immensely, it also surprises me. Growing up here I never knew that we had peculiar hot dogs. I thought everybody everywhere ate chili and slaw on dogs. It was only when I was in my twenties and began meeting people who moved here from other places did I begin to understand that there are people that don't know how to make a proper hot dog.

1 comment:

Jackie Lantern said...

I'm busted.
I'm one of those "at-work" lurkers
who are horrified of posting from my work PC. And you're right, a couple of us use your site for lunch tips. Thanks to your Charleston Courthouse review, I've
gained about 15 lbs.
Thanks Stanton!