Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sounds Like It's Time for a Road Trip to Hinton!

See the Daily Mail article about the Dairy Queen in Hinton. It's been many years since I have eaten there. Notice in the photo that they put the chili on top of the slaw. An interesting variation that I've only seen south of Beckley.


Scott Mitchell said...

They have some good chilli dogs. I would offer a full review, but all my orders are "no dog."

The Film Geek said...

OK, I've avoided making this suggestion, because the place is so far out of the way. But while you are near it, drop by the Drennen Dairy Bar southwest of Summersville, near the Summersville Lake. Dogs to die for.

Stanton said...

No place is too far away for a truly prodigious dog. I'll put it on the list.