Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fairmont Hot Dog Joint - The Dog House

On my way into downtown Fairmont to find Yann's I drove past this little joint on East Park Avenue, and after I found Yann's closed I doubled back to sample their fare.

The atmosphere is typical roadside hot dog stand, except that there is a small eat-in area. The building looks like a walk-up but you actually order inside. Nothing fancy, nothing remarkable, just the usual ancillary offerings of a roadside stand, including canned soft drinks.

I found the dog to be a typical northern West Virginia hot dog with mustard, onions and chili. The chili is very meaty, has a very nice texture and is served in abundance but it really didn't have much kick. Slaw was not an option, apparently per Marion County law, and the weenie seemed undersized to me. What else can you say about a southern Pennsylvania hot dog?

With the demise of Yann's, maybe our kinfolk from the north country can join the rest of the state (well, MOST of the state) in a nice hot dog covered by a big mound of sweat, creamy coleslaw.

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