Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marmet HDJ Review - Chum's

I had heard that there was a new HDJ in Marmet that serves yellow slaw. After making one or two fruitless trips (once I couldn't find it and once they were closed) I finally made it to this little HDJ in the little town. Even though it sits right beside Rt. 61, it is so small and drab colored that it's easy to miss, but I will pass on the same directions I received: It's just before you get to the ball field on the opposite side of the street. Worked for me.

I was please to see the menu did indeed proudly proclaim that they had yellow slaw, but was surprised to find out "everything" doesn't include mustard. I had to order mine with the extra yellow stuff (maybe they think that too much yellow is too much).

The service was fast - too fast aparently to allow time for steaming or heating the bun because mine were hardish and stone cold. The gorgeous yellow slaw, upon closer inspection, had the texture of sauerkraut and nearly the same vinegary taste, except that it had been sweetened a great deal. Whatever makes it yellow dripped on to my trousers and left cute little yellow bullseyes after it dried.

The chili was basic: meaty but not spicy, and was served in a proper portion. Onions were chopped fairly large and the mustard could well have been missing; I couldn't tell.

Overall Chum's hot dogs are tasty, primarily because of the complex slaw taste, but have nothing else distinctive other than the color to set them apart. Let's give them a 3.5 Weenie score, mostly on the strength of the novelty of yellow slaw.


Chris James said...

That is possibly the least-appetizing name for an HDJ I've ever heard. That said, I'd love to try the slaw sometime.

kateandallismom said...

Well....I totally disagree with this blog! Chum's hotdogs are the best! My husband craves them and we often make the 25-30 minute drive just for them. Plus....the service is great. Every time we've gone there, we've been greeted with a smile and friendly attitude.
I would definitely recommend you try them.
Lots of love Chum's!!
The Barkers