Friday, April 10, 2009

Re-Review Month & HDJ News

In April we will be revisiting some HDJs that have already been reviewed. The reason for the revisit might be that we felt they could do better, have heard from others that they are doing better, or maybe because since the Kanawha County smoking ban took effect we can finally go into some of them without risking our life (yeah, yeah, I know: eating hot dogs can kill you too). Two of these will definitely be The Gold Dome in Kanawha City and Whitey's Sandwich Shop in North Charleston.

In addition to these re-reviews, the smoking ban expands my horizons to include a few other bar and grill type places around town that I shied away from in the past.

New HDJs

There's a new HDJ in Marmet called Chums. I've not made it by when they have been open yet, but soon I will. I hear they have yellow slaw!

Big Daddy reports from the North Country that The Custard Stand (the one from Webster Springs that sells the chili in Wal Mart and other retailers) has opened a location at Flatwoods. I'm looking forward to checking that out soon.


Chris James said...

I'm gonna see if some of my local favorites can hold on to their 4-5 weenie ratings or if they're trying to rest on their laurels.

This means you, Hillbilly, M & M, and 8th St. Sam's.

Jim @ said...

I did not know there were so many hot dog places in West Virginia. I do like a good hot dog now and again. Thanks!