Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching up from the lazy days of Summer

I know this is not a good excuse for low output during National Hot Dog Month, but with the heat we've been experiencing this month I just haven't been in much of a hot dog mood; writing about them, that is. I'm always in the mood to eat them.

A recent trip to Baltimore brought me an opportunity to see how the northern Chesapeake Bay eats their dogs. I went into a HDJ in Fell's Point that sold a good variety including one with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. You know what they called it?

The North Carolina Dog!!!!

Once again, for the record: It was our recipe first. If not for the mass exodus of West Virginians to the greener economic pastures of Charlotte during the 60' and 70's, they would have never heard of putting slaw on a hot dog (just like the rest of the country!).

Now I was going to complain but then I saw that this place's newest offering was - and I am not making this up - a Crab, Macaroni and Cheese Dog. After I saw that I figured that they were beyond reason.

Anyway, I have some reviews banked up that I'll start posting soon. A Weenie Wonk's work, it seems, is never done; although you couldn't tell that by the work output of Frank, Chris and Big Daddy, whose collective writing over these past few months make me look like a workaholic.

Just kidding guys. But seriously, write something OK?


caroleinfl said...

I'm from WV. Always ate the WV hot dog. I lived in NC, never saw any dog with even chili on it. Now I live in FL, I have to make my own. I do a pretty good job of it too.

El Gee said...

As a former NC resident, I can vouch that people from NC like slaw and onions on burgers and BBQ as well. They may have very well gotten the idea from our fine state.

Half Smoke said...

Did you by chance remember the name of the HDJ you went to in Baltimore? Would it be Stuggy's?

I read a review about Stuggy's in the Baltimore Sun about a year ago. Judging by your report, it might have been them.

Half Smoke

Wienie Will said...

I was just updating my web site - www(dot)WillsWienerWorld(dot)com - and reading your blog when I figured... "Let's send Stanton and e-mail". Except that I couldn't find one. So I decided to "comment" on this post.
I still haven't had a chance to visit Stuggy's yet - but they're not getting great reviews. I also filled out their "contact" page to let them know they mis-named their Carolina Slaw Dog.

-=Wienie Will=-