Saturday, July 30, 2011

WV Hot Dog Festival happened...again.

Well, today marked another WV Hot Dog Festival at Pullman Square in downtown Huntington.

This year, I couldn't be bothered.

Let's look at who wasn't there, according to the Herald-Dispatch:

Ok, so my four favorites in town won't be there? Am I going to sweat a gallon to get some C-list hot dogs and watch some weenie dog races?

No thanks, maybe next year.

Or maybe not.


SF said...

Sam's was there and I saw the owner of Knuckles (patron). It is what it is, stop hating so much!

DoxiLadi said...

Actually, Sam's Hot Dogs was at the WV Hot Dog Festival, as was Frostop Drive-In, Stewarts Original Hot Dogs, Midway Drive-In, Charlie's Harley-Davidson Diner, and new this year from Webster Springs, WV--the famous Custard Stand Hot Dogs...along with others. I'm sorry you missed it. Everyone seemed to have a good time, hot weather and all. Hopefully, you'll visit the festival again next year. :)

Have Food? Will Travel! said...

hello. i was visiting relatives and could have gone to the festival but skipped it when i saw a previous post of yours. i am glad i didn't go. when you said many vendors didn't even have slaw, that was a big red flag to me. is there a festival that truly captures the wv dog culture? i would like to know if there is. my favorite dog to date is from the parkway in logan, wv. thanks for any info.