Thursday, July 20, 2006

National Hot Dog Day

I knew that July was...

But I only recently became aware that Friday is

National Hot Dog Day!

Sounds like a perfect day to give out the final two Weenie Awards: Charleston's Best Hot Dog Joint and Charleston's Best Hot Dog.

In many ways the best hot dog award is easier that the best hot dog joint. It quite frankly comes down to only two different hot dogs - I won't divulge which two just yet. The best hot dog has to have more than one excellent element. You can't win this award with just great chili or great slaw. And the the winner won't have any lackluster bun or weenie either. No, this award requires each element to be good or great.

I do think that there is room for improvement in Charleston's hot dog offerings. In doing this final evaluation I come to the conclusion that there is not one HDJ that has THE Chili and THE Slaw and THE weenie and THE bun. Maybe someone out there is a restauranteer who wants to strive for the perfect W. Va. hot dog. I think it is achievable. If you decide to go for it you know where to find me.

But I digress. The Hot Dog Joint award is tougher because there are so many more variables. One place in the running has great dogs, great decor, great seating, a great location but is is way too smoky for me to recommend. Another place is way cool in its decor, comfortable and relaxed but the dogs aren't quite up to snuff. Still another place is the friendliest place in town with dynamite dogs, but has short hours and a serious shortage of seating. I'm tellin' ya, this is gonna be tough. I would welcome input from the readership.

So maybe I can't come to a decision on the best Hot Dog Joint by tomorrow. Maybe it will have to wait, which is OK because there's still another week left in

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Kelvin said...

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