Monday, July 17, 2006

No Mo Bad Dogs Fo Me (Fo Now)

I'm telling you people right now: I have had it with lackluster, mediocre or bad hot dogs for a while. With all of the reviews I have done since I started this site in January I have eaten more than my share of bad hot dogs. Reviews are going to take a hiatus until I have properly recharged my hot dog batteries by eating some good ones.

Before I handed out each of the four Weenie Awards last week I sampled the fare one last time just to make sure the award was deserved. In each case it definitely was. And with each sampling I was surprised by how far above the competition each of the winners were, and it made me really want to eat more good hot dogs. So I decided it's time I rewarded myself for all my hard work in the hot dog trenches. So for the next week or two, no new hot dog joints for me. I'll no doubt have to kiss a lot of toads when I go to Huntington for the W.Va. Hot Dog Festival on July 29th, but until then I am on strike, review-wise.

There are still two Weenie Awards left to hand out, though, so stand by.

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