Monday, May 21, 2007

Charleston Area HDJ Review - Allspice Cafe

With the most charming atrium dining area on the East End of Charleston, you might think the Allspice Cafe would be a well-known dining destination, but sadly it's not. In fact most people kinda-sorta know that there is a cafe there, but not too many people I know make a point to go. But for people working nearby it is a very convenient place to grab lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

Having a diverse menu (I saw pizza, roast beef, home-style vegetables, sandwiches and more) you would think the place would be in high demand, but because of old stereotypes and prejudices, many people would rather go elsewhere. Well I was in the neighborhood recently and I thought I should check out the hot dog offerings and I wasn't going to be deterred by prejudice.

The Allspice Cafe is convenient to Appalachian Power Park and The Clay Center, and parking is plentiful nearby. It is easy to find and the four story atrium that towers over the dining area makes for wonderful all-season, semi-al-fresco dining. The atmosphere is very nice and the service is friendly. The prices are very reasonable.

Hot dogs are topped with whatever you ask for, but of course, I had one with mustard, chili, slaw and onions. I noticed immediately that the chili had big hunks of green peppers floating around in it, which is bad for me; you see I love green peppers, but they don't like me. I knew I'd be reaching for the antacid in a few hours (I hope you people appreciate how I suffer for you!). The chili was really piled on as was the slaw. The toppings were piled so high that the hot dog was a real mess to eat.

The taste of the chili, aside from the green peppers, was mostly just sweet. Think Manwich sauce. The slaw was nearly identical in flavor and texture to what I had at The Hottest Dog last year. It was fairly tasteless and very chunky. The bun and weenie were adequate, but nothing to write home about.

I'm going to give the Allspice Cafe a 3 Weenie rating, maily because of the nice dining atmosphere. It's not a great hot dog, but pretty good for hospital food!

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Chris James said...

My sources tell me that Cabell-Huntington Hospital makes a mean hot dog.