Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charleston HDJ Review - Rally's

I drive by Rally's on Washington Street East nearly every day. I never have considered it to be anything resembling a hot dog joint, but recently I was craving one of their really cheap and really tasty Rallyburgers. I went in to place my order and I noticed hot dogs on the menu. I had to try one. Like they say on their commercials, "you gotta eat!"

I asked what everything included and was told "mustard, chili and onions." I asked if they had slaw and they said no. Can you believe that? Here, literally in the shadow of the dome of the West Virginia State Capitol they have the gall to serve hot dogs with no slaw?

Well, I got one anyway, and soon I was presented with a coffin containing my lunch. Upon opening the lid I immediately recognized another major faux pas: The chili had beans floating around in it! Now I know that Rally's is a national chain but come on! Give a little to the local traditions, will ya'? There's no beans in hot dog chili! Whadya think this is, New Jersey?

On top of the bean-laden chili was a nice little bouquet of red onions, which is the only thing about the presentation that deserves mentioning.

The taste of the hot dog was not as bad as I imagined it would be. The chili actually was pretty good and I'm not sure if they sell it in a bowl, but if they do I could see it competing with the Wendy's right across the street for my chili business. It had a nice little kick and was quite meaty. The weenie was actually very good, seemingly grilled and a little larger than an average HDJ weenie. The bun wasn't steamed, but was fresh enough for this not to be a problem.

Without slaw, I can't give this dog more than a 2 Weenie rating. Even with the beans in the chili, though, throw a dollop of good slaw on this dog and you might have something that approaches 3.5 Weenies. Not bad for a burger joint.


Chris James said...

Was Rap Cat there?

Daphne said...

Look, your West Virginia Hot Dogs sound great but I am in Leeds, in the North of England. You have raised my hopes only to dash them again. I am going to go and eat some dull toast now.

Chris James said...

Come on, I'm sure that you have about 50 curry houses in Leeds.

And you can always put beans on said toast.