Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Second Chance Month is Coming

In a magnanimous gesture of mercy, the WV Hot Dogs team will be providing a second chance to HDJs that scored disappointing marks on their first visit. Over the next several weeks our Weenie Wonks will be out revisiting those places that just missed the mark, those from whom we expected better hot dogs than we got and the ones who complained to us that our review was unfair.

The revisit reviews will be posted during June. Since July is Weenie Award month it will give many HDJs a second chance to improve their products enough to be considered for this year's awards.

So here's your chance, all you HDJs that think your hot dog is better than we reported. Send us an email if you would like to be specially considered for a revisit.

And you, the WVHD eating public, should reap tremendous benefits as you are certain to get better hot dogs for the next several weeks as all HDJs will be on high alert knowing that they could be paid a visit at any moment.

1 comment:

Chris James said...

Note to some of the HDJs that got good reviews: don't rest on your laurels. While I'm looking for improvements in in your rivals, We might be popping in to make sure that you guys are still making 4-5 weenie dawgs.

No free passes here.