Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not Exactly a HDJ Review - Kruzer Dogs

"You've gotta come to the cruise-in this weekend and try our Kruzer Dogs" said email after email. The Klassy Kruzers Car Club has roving "cruise-ins" all summer long during which they sell, according to members, some of the best hot dogs around. Apparently a few of the women in the club make the chili and slaw and they sell them as fund raisers at each cruise-in. We normally don't review such ad-hoc hot dogs (like those at church hot dog sales and other such events), but since cruise-ins happen all summer long and Kruzer Dogs will be available at all of them, I figured I might as well go ahead and rate 'em (and I knew the club members were going to keep hounding me until I did).

I finally was able to make a cruise in held at the Dunbar McDonalds parking lot in early June and had myself a Kruzer Dog. The very first thing I noticed was it was cheap. $1 each. I got a hot dog and a can of pop and it was $1.50. "I thought this was a fund raiser" I said to the lady taking the money. She said I was correct, that it was a fund raiser. "This is way too cheap!" I said. "You could charge a lot more and make a lot more money." She just smiled and shrugged as if to say "it's not my department" and took the next customer's paltry payment.

The chili on my Kruzer Dog was thick and chunky. The flavor was OK but lacked complexity.

The slaw was very good, plentiful and very pretty. Sweet and creamy and very nicely chopped.

Overall, just a decent hot dog, but when you can eat it standing next to a 1964 Shelby Cobra it certainly adds a level of ambiance that you can't get just anywhere. We'll give Kruzer Dogs a better than average 3 1/2 Weenie score.

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Chris James said...

Last weekend we past a small area congregation with a "the end is nigh" doctrine and noticed that they were having a hot dog sale (my guess is that they hadn't counted on their being a June '07 at all, much less a need to budget for it and future months). I almost stopped by to find out what an Apocalypse Now dog tasted like, but we had too many frozen groceries in our trunk and had to make it back to the house.

I hope they run into the same issue in a couple months and I get another chance.