Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Humbled is not the right word for how this makes me feel. Humbled Squared maybe. The bloggers extraordinaire over at Hillbilly Savants have published their list for The Thinking Blogger Awards. Who would believe that anyone's list of "five blogs that make you think" would include a blog about hot dogs? I sure wouldn't have guessed it, but I am very proud. Especially coming from the guys and gals at Hillbilly Savants, whom I consider blogger royalty, this is an honor.

As penance for my selection I have the awesome responsibility of publishing my own list. How can I pick only five? Oh well, here goes:

1. Hillbilly Savants - I didn't see anything in the rules about reciprocity, but there is not another blog I read that makes me think nearly as much as HS. As I read the stories of my homeland, Appalachia, I often feel homesick even though I haven't left.

2. The Film Geek - TFG doesn't review movies as much as comments on how he feels when he watches them and how they affect him. Motivational speaker Charlie "Tremendous" Jones notes that you will be the same person in five years, except for the people you meet and the books you read. TFG affirms Stanton's corollary to Jones' law: "And the movies you see."

3. s.m. ART -
Sharon is the best writer I have ever read in a blog. She takes my breath away on a daily basis. I am still waiting for the book.

4. A Star From Mosul - A young Iraqi girl writing about her life during wartime. No news reports can compare with the coverage of the war this blog provides.

5. Charlestonian - Another too infrequent poster, the usually light-hearted Charles has the ability to go deep when something matters to him.


Chris James said...

You mean I haven't done enough of the posts here to at least pick one of the blogs? Thats it, im calling the International Brotherhood of Sanitation Engineers, Sous Chefs, Bloggers, and Print Cartridge Refillers: Local 187.

Keep an eye out for the Rep. He will be the big guy with the lead pipe.

Stanton said...

Now Chris, it's not like that at all. I fully expect your "A Sour Apple Tree" blog to get plenty of love from the bloggers I nominated and then you'll have five picks of your own.

I value, very highly, your contribution to our now award-winning blog and there's no reason to get the union involved.

Besides, if I had given you a pick you would probably have chosen "Marco's MU Futball Blog" and I simply could not abide with such nonsense on a high brow blog such as this.

Chris James said...

Wow, when the union guy said that they'd beat an apology out of you, I didn't realize that they'd act so quickly. Now I am definately giving extra to the completely voluntary but "strongly encouraged" PoliPac fund to reelect McGraw. I'm kind of scared not to.

The Film Geek said...

What an honor the Hillbilly folks gave you! And it's well deserved.

My sincere thanks for adding me to your own list. I'm humbled, too.

Hancock.Tom said...

This is a great blog.

As soon as you guys start putting your chili on the bottom like its supposed to be, you'll be set.

(Jackson County Native Here)

Jackie Lantern said...

This is great Stanton! I raise a dog with chili, slaw, mustard, and onions (sans catsup) in a coffin to ye!

And by the way, I'm sure my blog narrowly avoided the top 5 but sits comfortably in sixth place... right?

Chris James said...

hancock.tom: Chili on the bottom? You sound like half of the people here in Huntington.

I don't talk to that half of town. :)

Nah, great to have you around. Any ideas on some great Jax Co. HDJs that we've missed?

Jackie Lantern said...

You too Chris James...my bad :D

Chris James said...

Jackie, my mom says the same thing at family reunions.

The kicker is I'm an only child.

No respect I tell ya.

*rim shot*

Stanton said...

Jackie, "saved by the Torso" is a definite fave, but the rule is "blogs that make you think", not "make you think that the blogger is tetched."

Hancock.Tom said...

Chili on the bottom and bun not steamed is how its done in Jackson County. Huntington might be divided on the subject, but we are not.

Another Jackson County classic hot dog topping is peppers, but its not included on a typical "everything". Not sure if Pete's offers peppers. Pete's is the only Jackson County place you guys have reviewed.

Stanton said...

Tom, chili on the bottom is an abomination. It is the first commandment of hot dog ettiquette: "Thou shalt not put hot dog toppings between the hot dog and the bun. Always 'dress the dog,' not the bun." So saith the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council; so let it be done.


Chris James said...

Tom: what sort of peppers?