Saturday, June 23, 2007

The W.Va. Hot Dog Festival is Coming!

The organizers of the Third Annual West Virginia Hot Dog Festival have got a brand new website with all of the information on this year's festival in Huntington. Check it out.

One word of advice: Mandate that all hot dog vendors have slaw. Either that or change the festival name to "The Huntington Hot Dog Festival".


Chris James said...

Yea, the folks from Sam's embarrassed themselves and their state last year with no slaw. Seesh.

I'm excited to see M & M back again this year, too.

I dunno what to make of NY & Tex-Mex style dogs, we'll have to see.

Van said...

I went to a "Mex-Tex Cantina" in Germany a few years ago and ordered a "Mexican Hotdog."

It was a large brat wrapped in a stale flour tortilla. No toppings or fixings of any kind.

At least the beer to wash it down was good :)

Chris James said...

I once enticed someone with "Hillbilly chips 'n salsa" and gave them saltines with yellow mustard...