Monday, April 24, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Galaxy Lanes

It was a beautiful springtime Saturday afternoon and I was craving ramps. I knew there would be a roadside stand in upper Kanawha City selling the delicious little leeks so I headed out to grab some in time to cook up a mess for dinner. Once I had procured my produce and since it was near lunch time I thought I should check out the hot dog offerings at nearby Galaxy Lanes. A few years ago I had an excellent "yellow slaw" dog there but they have remodeled and have new management so I wondered if they still were serving quality WVHD's.

They're not.

The dog was less than mediocre. I tried to find something good to say about it, I really did, but there was nothing worth even a mild word of praise. The chili is blah, the slaw was obviously the factory chopped stuff. Everything includes chili, slaw, mustard and ketchup. No onions.

This is the second bowling alley whose dogs have been disappointing. I have to wonder: Were the great bowling alley hot dogs of my youth only a construct of my nostalgia? Could it be that they were average or worse and only the distance of my faded memories made them good? I think I'll go ahead and make it a point to visit the other two in the area (Venture and Towne & Country) soon to see if this is a trend.

In the meantime maybe I'll experiment with a recipe for ramp coleslaw.


Jackie Lantern said...

I agree, it's reasonable to expect at the least an average dog from a Bowling Alley. Maybe some of these places will read your reviews and work on their products a bit.
Keep up the excellent updates!

Madmax said...

I don't know where you ate at but it wasn't Galaxy Lanes recently. They have only had yellow slaw for a couple of months now. And for their hotdogs they are TASTY. The chili is killer and the coleslaw is homemade fresh. The weiners are all beef and taste really good. Also the hot dogs with everything comes with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. No ketchup. Get your facts straight if you are going to bad mouth their food. I highly recommend eating there. They have the best Philly Steak sandwiches I have ever eaten. Pizza's are GREAT too

blondegirlsthree said...

For your information, my family eats at galaxy lanes at least once a week. My kids are in an excellent bowling league. i myself have witnessed the owner making both yellow and white slaw. (homemade) the chili is great also. i would recommend their grilled chicken salad, they also have the best honey mustard in town. i tell all of my friends to go their for lunch or dinner the food is fantastic and the workers are friendly. Its good food and great FAMILY fun!!

Stanton said...

You folks might notice that this review was posted nearly 2 years ago. I assure you that it was accurate then. Perhaps they are due a return visit.

bs31979 said...

For anyone in doubt of the hotdogs or any of the other food at galaxy lanes,,,,go there and try it out for yourself. I think that the food is great!!!! I eat there often and cant think of anything bad to say about the food.People I know that eat and bowl there agree with me. To anyone that wants a good meal go on out to galaxy lanes and try it out for yourself,,,im sure that u will be comming back for more!!!keep up the good work galaxy lanes.

WVUBerryshort said...

Just Ran Across this blog, Because I love Hot Dogs. When I was pregnant Hot Dogs was all I wanted to eat. So I ate alot of hot dogs from alot of places!!!! About Galaxy Lanes You have made a mistake by saying " there was nothing worth even a mild word of praise" Because I have enjoyed many great Hot Dogs for years from Galaxy Lanes remodeled Grill. I usually have a grilled cheese with pickles & mayo on the side. My second choice would have to be A great WV Hot dog!! Maybe you had your mind on ramps At the time and your taste buds were expecting ramps in some fried potatoes. You should give this great bowling alley grill another chance.