Saturday, April 29, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Venture Lanes

Remember when bowling alleys were bowling alleys? For a while they called them "bowling establishments" to make them sound classier, but they were still noisy, smoke filled places with cold beer and good hot dogs. Next came the "bowling lanes" movement. That lasted for quite a while. Now we have ...(drum roll please)...

... Family Fun Centers!

Venture Lanes, er I mean Venture Family Fun Center in Jefferson used to have great hot dogs. The food concession was run by a man whose mother made the chili and slaw at home. Since he had the food concession at both Venture and Boulevard Lanes (the latter of which, by the way, is now nothing but a very flat piece of real estate) you could be assured of a quality dog at either place.

Not any more. I present to you, the jury, the final piece of evidence that it is no longer possible to get a decent hot dog in these once proud colonades of culinary delight. The Venture Family Fun Center's hot dogs are nearly carbon copies of the mediocre offerings from Galaxy Lanes. Yuck.

I am beginning to formulate a theory regarding second-hand smoke and hot dogs. Once upon a time bowling alleys were filled with smoke and they had great hot dogs. Now they are smoke free and the dogs are crummy. Two of the best hot dogs I've had recently have come from places I can barely stand to walk into for the smoke. Hmmm.

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Jackie Lantern said...

Man, that's a real shame about the Hot Dogs.
And you're dead right. A Family Fun Center is not a Bowling Alley. I went there with some buddies about a year ago on a Saturday night and it was weird. Families, kids, a real wholesome enviornnment. Needless to say we drank our six pitchers and headed out the door, taking our bad language and drunken sense of outrage back to the house.

Great updates BTW. Hot Dogs, Home Improvement, is there anything you can't do?!?!