Friday, March 07, 2008

Bridgeport HDJ Review - Tudor's Biscuit World

I won't bore you with the stats and facts about this particular Tudor's location in Bridgeport. Instead, I'd direct you to this entertaining and descriptive past review of the Tudor's in Teays Valley by Chris James. While there are, obviously, some differences here and there that make each location unique, I'll second the motion from Chris' review that Tudor's has crazy delicious biscuits...not to mention the majority of the rest of the breakfast menu.

While the items on the menu are more than worth going out of your way for, the hot dogs are ho-hum at best. Mercifully, I was able to order a WVHD to go without having to repeat the ingredients over and over (for a change). However, I had to take a close-up look at my order to ensure that there was actually any chili on mine. Although the chili "material" was there, the taste was nowhere to be found. This was easily the most vapid of any chili I had sampled in some time, completely lacking any trace of beef or spice.

The slaw wasn't half bad. It seemed a little on the thick side, but the flavor was just about right. The sweetness wasn't overpowering and had just the right amount of tang. The cabbage was fresh enough and had a nice, subtle crunchiness that made each bite enjoyable. I can't explain why the slaw was piled on in a lopsided manner, but that's the way things go at a convenience store restaurant now and then. The wiener was lightly grilled, but came across as excessively salty for my taste. The other ingredients held up well, with the exception of the bun, which needed a better steaming.

This Tudor's location has good service and a great menu (for anything other than hot dogs), but the hot dogs are just okay at best. This Tudor's gets a two and-a-half weenie rating.

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