Friday, March 21, 2008

Fairmont HDJ Review - Underdogs and More 2

What a difference five miles and twenty-four hours makes!

Just one day removed from raving about how much I enjoyed the hot dogs from Underdogs and More on Speedway Avenue in Fairmont, I took a short trip across town the next day to the sister location on Locust Avenue cleverly named (wait for it) Underdogs and More 2. The name is about the only thing in common with the Speedway location.

I had the onset of clausterphobia for the first time in years when I entered this little facility. I would swear this shop was at one time nothing more than an oversized tool shed. Although there were seats for eight undersized individuals, I would have to believe that anyone attempting to sit down for a meal would be hard pressed for any elbow room at all. I found my spine pressed up against a Pepsi cooler while I waited for the four other customers in front of me to get their orders filled.

I was hoping that I might get an upgrade to the version that I had sampled across town, if it were at all possible. Imagine my surprise when I was told that they didn't have slaw "yet". I didn't ask for an elaboration at this point, as I was just happy to get my order and be on my way. I went with the traditional Marion County version of a WVHD, which is simply chili, mustard, and onions. While everything seemed to be in place as would be expected from Underdogs -right down to the styrofoam coffin- there was one striking difference that can be summed up in one word: waterlogged.

In the short time I've been reviewing with, I haven't come across a weaker tasting weenie than this one. To boot, this weenie was just barely warm enough to meet the local health department food preparation laws.

I gotta say that the chili was still pretty good. Like its sister location, it had a good complex texture and lots of flavor that begged to be sampled further. Nonetheless it isn't enough to save the day on an otherwise lackluster dog.

I give Underdogs and More 2 a two-and-a-half weenie rating. Hopefully, that rating will be raised in the future if a little more attention is paid to the preparation and the addition of a good quality slaw. Alas, it would seem as it goes in movies, so it goes in hot dogs: more often than not, sequels are not as good as the originals.

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