Sunday, March 30, 2008

Charleston HDJ Re-Review - Galaxy Lanes

A couple of years ago I visited all of the local bowling alley snack bars trying to find which had the best hot dogs. I found that none of them had hot dogs that were up to snuff and most were below mediocre. I was probably the hardest on Galaxy Lanes in Kanawha City, whose dogs I found so lackluster that I didn't even give them a score.

Well, a recent flurry of comments on that old post by people who are most likely friends and family of the snack bar's proprietors caused me to pay another visit to see if the hot dogs had improved. One of the comments also said that they sold yellow slaw and since I had been stymied in my search lately for the yellow stuff I thought that would reason enough to give the Galaxy another shot.

When my dining companion and I walked into the place at lunchtime one Friday I was surprised to find that we were the only patrons there. I thought this would be good as it would would allow us to be served quicker, but boy was I wrong. Our four hot dogs and one order of fries took all of 15 minutes to get to us.

Once I finally had my hot dogs I found that the slaw was fairly good (sweet and well made - and white, not yellow), but that the chili had virtually no taste except that of the ground beef it contained. Not a trace of spice nor herb could be detected. The weenies were tasty and plump, but they could not overcome the lack of flavor from the chili.

It was better than it was last time, but Galaxy Lanes doesn't earn any more than a 3 Weenie rating on this trip. To all of those people who left comments arguing that Galaxy has great hot dogs, I would recommend that you get out to other restaurants, the kind that isn't located inside a bowling alley, to try a real hot dog once in a while.


The Film Geek said...

I can't believe you successfully avoided the obvious puns like:

"The hot dogs at the bowling alley have three strikes against them."


"The one dog I ate was so bad, I refused to pick up a spare."

OK...maybe now I realize why you avoided the obvious puns.

Chris James said...

If we went for the easy puns all of the time, this site, being weenie-centric as it is, would be NC-17.