Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charleston HDJ Review - Sub Express - Lee St. West

Nearly Universal Hot Dog Rule #1: Hot Dogs served in a convenience store are bad.
Nearly Universal Hot Dog Rule #2: Hot dog buns heated in a microwave are a sign of a bad hot dog.
Nearly Universal Hot Dog Rule #3: Weenies heated on one of those perpetually rolling weenie heating devices are lackluster at best, disgusting at worst.

When I saw the changeable letter sign on the local One Stop convenience store on the corner of Lee and Tennesee advertising hot dogs for $1.49 each, I figured that I would find a mediocre or worse hot dog there, so I didn't exactly hurry in: I actually took several weeks to finally make a visit. When I did I found that the place embraced the premising scenarios of all three of the above mentioned rules and I very nearly turned-tail and skedaddled out of there. But I remembered that the rules are only "Nearly" universal, so I thought I'd take a chance and test their universality.

Now to be fair, this isn't just a convenience store. It has inside two honest to goodness food service joints. One of these is a former "Blimpies" that has been reincarnated as a "Sub Express". That is where the hot dogs are.

"Everything" includes ketchup, which of course I deleted from my order. I watched with disdain as the person behind the counter nuked the bun nearly into oblivion. Then I saw the dreaded hot dog roller. I had not confidence that this hot dog was going to anything close to edible. But when I saw the pot of pretty good looking chili and a bowl of really nice looking slaw I regained a glimmer of hope. And when they wrapped my hot dog in aluminum foil my hopes grew higher.

In a nutshell, this hot dog turned the above referenced Nearly Universal Rules on their heads. Not a great hot dog, but certainly good enough to prove the "Nearly" part of the rule's titles. The slaw carried the whole thing (nice texture and taste), but the chili wasn't half bad either (tame but nicely complex).

Let's give this dog a 3.5 Weenie rating just because it worked so hard to overcome the odds.


wvapoker said...

Nice post. I have enjoyed the flurry of reviews that have come at the end of winter.

The Kitchen said...

I love your blog! In fact, I just added your blog to my blog's favorite blog list.
I grew up in Christiansburg, VA - home to Dude's Drive In - possibly the BEST slaw dogs on the planet. I miss them living here in Houston!