Friday, September 24, 2010

Atlanta HDJ Review - Jackson Hartsfield Airport Concourse C Hot Dog Zone

Fork You, the local Charleston restaurant review blog, recently came as close to honoring their mission as they have come in quite some time by reviewing an Ansted restaurant.To reinforce better blogging behavior (they only missed "local Charleston" by 50 miles - which for them lately is like a direct bullseye) and to celebrate the return of these prodigals, I thought I should honor them with a special review of a hot dog that can also be found about an hour from Charleston; albeit the way the crow (or CanadaAir CRJ200) flies.
While cooling my jets in the Atlanta airport waiting for a "maintenance delay" (translation - "the flight crew overslept") my tummy began to rumble. The closest food joint was a Wendy's, but the line at midday was exceedingly long. The next closest was The Hot Dog Zone. I decided to take a chance on this foreign food vendor, mainly because its sign listed many regional variations. I thought that just maybe I might find a WVHD listed, but sadly I did not. I had to improvise my order and pay dearly for it: Toppings ala carte are 48 cents each on top of a base sticker price of $3.29! - $5.21 for one hot dog! I hoped it would be worth it.
It wasn't.

The chili had beans in it, the slaw tasted just like the gross stuff you buy at Sam's (Wholesale Club, not Hot Dog Stand). The weenie was huge and tasty, but it sat inside a slightly less huge bun that was fresh sometime last week.

I will not dignify this hot dog with a Weenie Rank. Just say no.

In retrospect I should have saved my budget, both caloric and financial, until I returned to the green, rolling hills of West Virginia and bought myself a proper hot dog. I guess I just wanted to be exotic like my blogging buddies over at Fork You, but alas.