Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morrison's and Skeenies both make Rachel Ray's Top 64!!!!!!

Thanks to our good friend Hawk Krall and his considerable influence in the food blogging world, two of the most celebrated HDJs in West Virginia have been included in the bracket of 64 best hot dogs in America on the hugely popular Every Day with Rachel Ray website.

OK WVHD fans, let's rally to the aid of our state's finest! Leave your enthusiastic comment on the Rachel Ray site to make sure that we're not overlooked. We have a lot of geography and population to make up for.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Charleston HDJ Review - Blossom Deli

We first reviewed the hot dog offered by this Charleston landmark eatery in 2007. You can read that review here. Unfortunately, that restaurant closed last year and in its place has popped up a poser with the same name in the same building. This new manifestation has been open for a month or so and I just recently heard that they had resurrected the "Blossom Dog" - a Five Weenie treat in 2007 - and so I had to go try it.

I was somewhat surprised that the place was open on Saturday because they cater mostly to the downtown work crowd, but it was fairly busy today so it was good that they were open. Good for them at least; not so much for a hungry soul who wandered in out of the cold with expectations of being satisfied like I was last time.

You see, the hot dog that the Blossom used to serve was an oversize giant that had a $3.50 price tag, but was worth every penny. When I saw the new version priced at $4.50, I wasn't discouraged; after all it was as big as two or three regular WVHDs and if it was half as yummy as before I would still get filled up.

Unfortunately, though, it was half the size of the old version. While the taste was about as good as before (almost identical as I remember it) this thing was puny! Instead of being an oversize Chicago Red weenie it was a small caliber version of a standard WVHD weenie. Instead of an oversize special made bun it was on a dreaded New England Style bun. The chili and slaw were both tasty and worked well together, but I was still extremely hungry after it was gone. Thankfully I had a plate full of chips and my lunch companion took pity on me and shared her chicken artichoke salad with me so I had enough strength to make it back to the car. A trip to Charleston Bread Company for a couple of hot from the oven cookies brought me all the way back to consciousness.

Once I had regained my senses I decided to write a review so no other WVHD fan will have to make the same mistake. This is about the worst value I have ever experienced in the 400 plus reviews we have done on this blog. Bad, bad, bad form for a once-proud restaurant.

Here's my advice to Blossom about their Blossom Dog - Make it bigger or make it cheaper or make it go away.

No Weenies for you.