Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Jane Lew HDJ Review - Flying Dogs

Look at the picture on the left. I ask you, does this look like a flying dog? Is it just me or would it be more aptly described as a flying pig?

This seemingly obvious detail doesn't seem to bother the owners of Flying Dogs, a nice little eatery in Jane Lew (I assume that this animal ambiguity is also evident at the Weston location), but it kind of bothered me when I happened upon it. Was I walking into a BBQ joint or a HDJ? Do the owners not see the ambiguity, or are they intentionally playing a joke? Or is the pig some sort of emoji that is supposed to represent a word, so the name of the business is actually "Flying Pig Dogs"? I wonder about things like this.

Ah well, we'll save those musings for another time. Let's talk hot dogs, shall we?

Located just a few miles south of the Slaw Line, I was not completely surprised that an "everything"dog does not include slaw, but that slaw is available. This is pretty normal for what I think of as kind of the Slaw Line DMZ - that gray area that extends for a few miles in each direction where slaw availability is unpredictable. Thankful that slaw was listed as an option, I opted in, and once I got my hot dogs I was thankful again. This is a great hot dog.

There is really nothing but good to say about this hot dog. The bun was soft and steamy, the chili/sauce was delicious and just a little spicy, the onions and mustard were high quality and the slaw was nearly perfect in texture and in taste. Just fantastic. 4 1/2 Weenies.

One last comment about the town of Jane Lew: This is a very small town and yet it boasts - by my count - 5 locally owned restaurants. None of them look fancy, but the quality of Flying Dogs makes me want to try some of the others. Maybe some of them have hot dogs? A return visit is definitely in the cards.