Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where has the year gone?

In case you are wondering, dear readers, where we've been, suffice it to say that our Weenie Wonks have had a tumultuous year!

  • Chris James, head of our Huntington bureau, was last seen walking into a Weight Watchers location mumbling about the number of points in a quart of KFC coleslaw. We theorize that he's been forbidden to eat hot dogs for a time, but he continues to be active in Hot Dog Culture advocacy efforts on Twitter (see @ASourAppleTree).
  • Big Daddy, our North Central WV Wonk, hasn't posted an HDJ review in so long that we fear that he has been brainwashed my the militant anti-slaw Marion County Honor Guard, a group whose very existence has not been proven but whose fingerprints can be seen on various Facebook comments that disparage the good folks of West Virginia who understand the value of slaw on their hot dogs. 
  • Stanton has been busy fighting off the wintertime Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and looking for a Charleston Area HDJ that uses bottled water in its hot dog preparation. 
Excuses aside, it's been a year since we posted a review. We promise that a new review is coming soon!