Saturday, September 24, 2011

Q&A from Readers

FreeHollowBooks writes and says "I'm hankerin for a new review......I check everyday. Who has the hottest sauce in WV btw?"

Well, FreeHollow, I just posted a new review. And there is no question that Yann's Hot Dogs in Fairmont has the hottest sauce in the state. It is insanely hot. So hot that it has apparently killed the brain cells of many Fairmont hot dog fans since they are nearly the only ones in the state who stubbornly insist that coleslaw shouldn't be put on hot dogs.

HaveFoodWillTravel asks  "is there a festival that truly captures the wv dog culture? i would like to know if there is. my favorite dog to date is from the parkway in logan, wv."

Unfortunately no, HaveFood. The Southern Ohio Hot Dog Festival that is held in Huntington each July is called The W.Va. Hot Dog Festival, but we all know the truth. Last year some of the vendors didn't even have slaw. And kudos to you for liking Parkway;s hot dogs; just another great HDJ in Logan, where they know how to do hot dogs right. Hey, why doesn't Logan have the REAL WV Hot Dog Festival?

Charleston Area HDJ Review - Riverside Cafe, Port Amherst

Near the mouth of Campbells Creek is one of the most unique little communities in the state. Port Amherst is private property that is home to several business that support the coal and river transportation industries. Kind of a early twentieth century business park, some of the buildings in the park look more like stately residences than industrial offices and 19th century sternwheelers often are docked at the riverfront.

A recent addition to the Port Amherst Community is the Riverside Cafe, a tiny little restaurant that sells basic food to those who work nearby and to those who happen by and see the sign on Piedmont Road, like me.

It should be no surprise that a place like this would sell hot dogs, but I was surprised at the poor quality of those hot dogs. Usually blue collar places like this have solid Utilitarian Dogs, but not so here: The small caliber weenie was overcooked and rubbery, the chili was lifeless and bland. The coleslaw was decent but couldn't make up for the rest.  1 1/2 Weenies.