Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pepperoni Roll Power Play

Today a bill was introduced in the West Virginia House of Delegates to make the Pepperoni Roll the official state food of West Virginia. This has caught us here at WVHotDogs.com completely by surprise and our operatives have been scrambling all afternoon to launch a counter-offensive in the war for Mountain State gastro-domination. Take this as a quick legislative alert and call to action for readers who know that only a West Virginia Hot Dog is the true State food, official or otherwise. Get on the phone to your elected official and make your voice be heard!

Here is the breakdown on the sponsors of the bill:

First, you have the predictable North-Central Dem delegation of Caputo (D Marion), Iaquinta (D Harrison),  Miley (D Harrison), Manchin (D Marion) with a token Republican Smith of Preston County. 

From the Free State of McDowell, there is Delegate Cliff Moore a wild card who loves to have his name on a bill, and who now has his name on this one. Not a big deal - as we documented last year, it is hard to find a decent hot dog in McDowell County. Pepperoni rolls probably survive the treacherous trip to McDowell County better than do hot dog buns anyway. All in all, Moore's sponsorship is no surprise.

The lead sponsor, though, is terribly surprising: A Republican from Boone County, Joshua Nelson has no business getting involved in this issue. Boone Countians, let him hear about it. Hot dogs with chili and slaw rule that land, not pepperoni rolls!

Troy Andes from Putnam County is in a no-win situation since he represents the only county in the state that doesn't have a stance on whether they like their hot dogs with "chili" or "sauce." It is this kind of confusion that makes politicians do irresponsible things.

But the biggest disappointment is the from the Mingo and Logan Democratic delegation. Ted Tomblin from Logan and Delegates Marcum and White from Mingo have really dropped themselves in a big ol' pot of hot water with their sponsorship of this flawed bill. Why, Logan is the home of Morrison's Drive Inn, quite likely the best damn hot dog joint in the state - as well as having at least three other Five Weenie HDJs in the county. And we are certain that Big Daddy Buck Harless - a noted Hot Dog  fan - is not going to be happy about Marcum and White going off the reservation like this. There's gonna be some serious ramifications in Mingo County in the coming days. 

So WVHD fans, let them have it! You can find their contact information here. Phone or email - let your voice be heard!