Monday, March 06, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - South Charleston Dairy Bar

Have you noticed that Dairy Queens are disappearing around Charleston? Just a few years ago there were at least three DQ's in and around Charleston. They have all gone away. Most of the buildings now house something completely different, but the one in South Charleston has been reincarnated with a different name.

The South Charleston Dairy Bar, although it has a different paint scheme and a new menu, is for all intents and purposes a Dairy Queen. But the hot dogs might be a smidge better that a DQ dog.

Everything means chili, slaw, mustard and onions. On my dog this particular day the bun and chili were adequate, but the weenie was a cut above average. The slaw was a little dry, but very sweet and finely chopped like real WVHD slaw is supposed to be and it was served in a proper sized helping. The onions were barely noticeable. Overall, this was a very good WVHD, but being only three blocks from Romeo's means I probably won't be back unless I have a craving for a soft-serve cone on the side. Even then the walk to Romeo's would be worth it. I'll rate it a top ten overall, but a distant second in downtown South Charleston.

One other thing that deserves a mention is that they serve their soft drinks with crushed ice, which is becoming more and more rare these days. There's nothing better with a WVHD than a coke over crushed ice.


MShane said...

There are still at least two Dairy Queens within Charleston City Limits. There is one in the Town Center and there is also one on Route 21 across from the old Sugar Creek Grade School, about 200 yards from Skeenies. They both have hot dogs.

Stanton said...

I completely forgot about the one in the mall. I must try thier dogs sometime.

As for the one on Rt. 21, I thought it is outside of the City. Guess not. Others I know about are in St. Albans and Belle. Am I missing any?