Friday, April 07, 2006

Charleston Area Hot Dog Joints - Neighbormart at Five Corners

Everyone in Charleston knows where Five Corners is, right? Actually there are two places that could be called "Five Corners", but most people think about the one where Delaware and Central Avenues meet up with Virginia Street West, which is where Neighbormart is located (the other is where Fourth Avenue crosses Florida Street and Main Street comes in from the east).

I am not sure but I think Neighbormart must be a regional franchise of some sort because I have seen the logo in other cities like Lexington KY. The tiny sandwich shop has been at this location for a long time relative to other restaurants that have come and gone from Five Corners. The location is not that great and they have very little parking. The decor is minimal and the inside seating is sparse. When a restaurant survives in the face of such odds you can bet the food is very good. I can vouch for the hot dogs.

Everything means chili, slaw, onions and mustard. The chili is a little on the bland side and a bit to coarse. The slaw is nice and sweet and served in an adequate amount, but it is a bit too coarsely chopped as well. Service is quick and friendly. The menu includes a full compliment of deli style sandwiches which would make it a good bet for a non-hot dog person, too.

Overall I would rate the dogs above average. Certainly worth trying the next time you are in the, uh, neighborhood.


Buffy said...

That picture makes me fat...just looking at it.

sara said...

Neighbormart has free delivery. I don't know too many people that eat inside, but people at work order from here quite frequently and rate their hot dogs as "just okay."

Mike Ballburn said...

Formerly the Schrader's Restaruant location, I believe.

Stanton said...

Yes, you're right about Schrader's. I almost mentioned that but figured no one old enough to remember would ever read it!

Schrader's was my dad's favorite restaurant because it was the only place in town that always had lima beans - his favorite.