Sunday, March 18, 2007

Charleston HDJ - Diana's Capitol Street Cafe

Last June I panned the hot dogs sold in a place called Diana's Snack Bar. In that review I noted the futility of selling hot dogs next door to the Swiftwater Cafe. Someone must have agreed because in mid-January Diana's pulled up stakes and moved about a half block East and a half block to the South on Capitol Street.

The new place is much larger, brighter and roomier with seating for 12 people or so.

I know that I often insist on a steamed bun, and that is my absolute preference to be sure, but I can also appreciate a grilled New England Style bun or an oven-toasted bun like they serve at Diana's. My bun was definitely right out of the oven and was just about perfectly toasted. The dreaded hot dog coffin it came served in kept the toasted bun in good shape. The chili was decent, nothing to write home about, but not bad. The slaw was sweet and creamy. The onions were finely minced and piled on in a large helping, but I couldn't help but think how much they looked and tasted like the reconstituted onions that McDonald's puts on their regular hamburgers.

Now in case you don't remember, the last hot dog I had at Diana's didn't even get a rating. But in their new location, Diana's gets a solid 3 1/2 Weenie ranking. Definitely a candidate for the most improved hot dog. With better onions and a little more interesting chili it could easily get another half Weenie.

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Donutbuzz said...

I was in Charleston last week, and must have walked right past Diana's new location. D'oh!