Monday, April 09, 2007

It's not a Podcast, it's a Dogcast!

Never one to buck a fad or a trend, I have decided that this blog needs to do a podcast. What could be more fun than a podcast about hot dogs? Nothing! So click here and listen to the very first Dogcast: Fifteen minutes of pure infotainment!

In this edition:

- Hasil Adkins

- Reader Mail
- Sarah from Slawless Wheeling (oh lighten up, it's a JOKE!)
- Ralph from Florida (Chris' and Bowling Alley Hot Dogs)

- A Classic Hot Dog Jingle from Yesteryear

- A hat tip to our statewide Weenie Wonks, Chris and Kevin
(with a quick revisit Stanton's view of Yann's)

- A couple of new reviews - audio version

Let us know what you think! email us: info at wvhotdogs dot com

(if you require an mp3 version, right click and save this link)


The Film Geek said...

Excellent addition to the hot dog blog, Stanton. You hit a home run with this idea!

larryosaurus said...

This is really cool!
I have a hard time (at the moment) listening to podcasts but I listened to all of this one.
Great music and great Hot Dog-centric entertainment!