Saturday, May 12, 2007

Huntington Hot Dog Joint: Sam's Hot Dog Stand-29th St.

Life has been something of a mixed bag in East Huntington for the past decade or so. On one hand, St. Mary's Hospital has brought jobs and top-notch healthcare to the neighborhood. On the other, however, the area has lost a high school, a pharmacy, a fishmonger, two independent grocers, a video store, and the Big Bear MegaHyperSuperMarket.

One thing that Highlawn still has going for it, however, is that it has a Sam's Hot Dog Stand franchise. Located near the former Big Bear and near one of Huntington's busier transportation hubs, this Sam's makes for a great grab-'n-go spot for a hot dog joint.

In addition to being convenient, the joint makes a pretty decent dog, too. Despite being obviously less than a day old and soft as a pillow, the buns were still steamed and had a nice balance of softness and taste. The freshness of the bun nudges 29th St. past Sam's of 8th St. in terms of the best bun in the city.

The weenie tasted fresh and of high quality, even if it was from a water bath. The water was clear and relativley grease-free, so they must have been emmersed only an hour or so earlier.

The sauce was good, as is always the case with Sam's unique brand of sauce. It was a touch on the mild side for a "spicy" sauce, but was still better than 95% of all other hot dog sauces (the other 5% being Sam's locations, like 8th St., that get the sauce right).

The slaw was perfectly sweet and tangy. My only complaint was that there was some skimpiness employed in its application. Pile it one, please.

Overall, it was a great Sam's hot dog. For a quick, reliable, and consistent WV hot dog experince, check out Sam's Hot Dog Stand-29th St. 4 weenies.

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