Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wheeling HDJ Review - New York Hot Dogs

A regularly scheduled trip to Wheeling opened up the golden opportunity to search for a West Virginia hot dog joint in the former capital city. Though my time was limited, I managed to find a place for lunch that I had passed en route to a morning meeting.

New York Hot Dogs boasts the selection of Nathan's Famous as the weiner of choice. Nathan's is a fine selection, in my own personal opinion, but probably not used as widely in most West Virginia hot dog joints due to the higher cost. While the basic criteria for a true WVHD is to make the most out of the least expensive ingredients --mostly relying on the slaw and chili combo to carry the dog-- these particular hot dogs are able to stand on their own with just a little mustard (no ketchup!) simply based on the terrific and unique beefy flavor that Nathan's weiners offer.

I was thorougly impressed by the delicious slaw. The cabbage cut was a medium-fine grade with small bits of shaved carrots that bought out the crunchiness and fresh flavors from each other. The dressing was subtly sweet, with just a fair amount of tang. It was by far and wide a complex masterpiece. Easily one of the best slaws I've had the pleasure of sampling.

Whereas the slaw was a showpiece of slaw-siring savvy, the chili represented a mastery of meat-melding merriment. The chili was markedly thick, but not to the point where it had a pasty or clumpy texture. On the contrary, it was quite smooth. The hearty, beefy flavor really stood up and blended nicely with both the slaw and the weiner. Barely any hot spices, so fans from the southern part of the state should find them quite palatable.

I only wish there was a bit more of the chili served on each hot dog, but I suppose it's possible to have too much of a good thing. At least it's not too little, so no complaints. I'm a little torn on what to rate New York Hot Dogs since they could benefit the customers by adding a little more chili to their dogs (and co-existing with a tanning bed business on the premises is kinda freaky), but seeing as how this is one of the furthest points north that offers a faithful and well-represented version of a WVHD, some of the best slaw I've had the pleasure to sample, and all-beef Nathan's, I'll go ahead and say they're good enough to rate five weenies.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Two bit extra for each topping? I can see sauce and slaw, but does that include a surcharge for onions and mustard?

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

No, there was no charge for those. Only for chili, slaw, and any of the other "extravagant" toppings offered like peppers or cheese.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Nathans are the best. . . with skins. A really good hotdog is supposed to crack when you bite into it.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

"A really good hotdog is supposed to crack when you bite into it."

The Mason-Dixon line is that way, bub. :)