Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nitro HDJ Review - Jake's Dawg House

Located inside Brandywine Flea Market on Rt. 25, Jake's Dawg House is one of those kind of HDJs that has unpredictable hours that you have to be fairly intentional about visiting. I tried three times before I finally found it open. The sign says it is open Wednesday - Sunday 9-5 but I had been there during those hours and found it closed. Such is the way of small HDJs. (I am forever getting mail from people who ask me to post hours for the places we review, but I have always resisted because most places are like this one: Open when they get there, closed when they leave.)

The menu at Jake's is full of different combinations of hot dogs and toppings, and a request for "one with everything" got me a blank stare. So I special ordered one with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. The person behind the counter was friendly, but not too speedy. I was surprised by how long it took to get my order and disappointed to see it served in a coffin.

Jake's buns are the split top English variety and are nicely grilled. The weenie was hefty and had the distinctive all-beef flavor of a premium brand. I couldn't tell how it was prepared. On top of the weenie was a good measure of tasty, meaty chili. It wasn't very spicy, but was flavorful. The slaw was really creamy and nicely sweet. The whole ensemble worked nicely. It was a good, tasty and filling hot dog that earns a Four Weenie rating.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

Is that with or without a half-point deduction for a New England bun?

Unknown said...

Jake's is now open Friday-Sun until around 5pm just to let anyone know. He no longer has the All-beef hot dog but the replacement was just as good.