Monday, August 04, 2008

Clarksburg HDJ Review - Toni's Ice Cream

Ask anyone in the Clarksburg area to name a place to get good ice cream, and you'll likely hear Toni's Ice Cream mentioned more than once. When I was a kid, it was an absolute treat for me and my sisters when Mom and Dad put us in the car to go get a black raspberry cone or shake. No matter what time of the evening you went, there was always a line of customers either at the window or going through the drive-thru. Nobody really seemed to mind because the wait was worth it. To this day, I haven't found anything that comes as close to the sumptuous black raspberry ice cream they serve at Toni's. But in all the years that I've visited there, I never once ordered any of the burgers, hot dogs, or other hot foods they served up.

When I finally got around to getting over to Toni's this summer, I found that the hot dogs come standard with chili, mustard, and onions. Sadly, there was no slaw available. A let down for sure, but I'm no stranger to slawless dogs in this region. My order was served up in a styro-coffin, which didn't serve to make me feel any better.

I found the dog to actually be acceptable for what it was: a simple no-frills chili dog, albeit a little on the scrawny side. The wiener was of the standard bulk food variety. The buns were suitable in both freshness and steaming. The chili had a nice, full texture to it. I found the sauce mixture to be rather basic yet inundated with black pepper. This concoction at least satisfied the need for spiciness without overdoing it.

I'm going to give Toni's a three-and-a-half weenie rating. While the hot dogs themselves seemed to be prepared well enough, the effects of not having a good slaw really weighs down the overall satisfaction factor. Still, Toni's strength lies in the ice cream side of the house. I'll testify to the pleasure of washing down a hot dog --or anything else for that matter-- with one of their black raspberry shakes.

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Christopher Scott Jones said...

My top 5 shake flavors with hot dogs:

1) Chocolate banana
2) Vanilla
3) Root beer shake
4) Root beer float
5) Banana