Tuesday, February 17, 2009

South Charleston HDJ Review - Smokey's Rib House

Smokey's Rib House sits on Chestnut Street in the Spring Hill district of South Charleston, just across and up the street from Spring Hill Pastry, which is where I was leaving when I first saw Smokey's. I was lured in by the wonderful aroma of smoked ribs, intrigued by the strange and eclectic menu that includes such disparate offerings as the aforementioned ribs, puffy tacos and beef curry. I was enticed by the presence of a hot dog on this menu.

And I was repulsed by the execution of said hot dog.
Really, it was the first time in the history of this blog that I have thrown a hot dog away after two bites. I can't even begin to describe how truly awful the thing tasted. The chili tasted like it was seasoned with toxic waste from a local chemical plant, the slaw tasted and looked old, the weenie had been cooked so long that it was the texture of a Slim Jim, and nearly the same diameter.

ZERO Weenies! If I allowed negative numbers I would use them here.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

I had to toss one from the Foodland in Scott Depot, but at least it wasn't a proper restaurant. Maybe this place should have its weenie license revoked.

Duck said...

I understand this isn't the place for it, but has anyone tried any of their other menu items? I too am intrigued by puffy tacos and beef curry.