Monday, August 17, 2009

Ripley HDJ Review - Crabby Patti's

I went to Ripley because of this list and this newspaper article.

When I got there I noticed they had hot dogs.

I got one.

I regretted my decision.

It had beans in the chili.

Any questions?

0.5 Weenies
PS: The crab cakes were mediocre at best. The ones they sell at Fresh Seafood at Capitol Market are much, much better. And their hot dogs are better too.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the crabcake review ;) I was considering head up to Ripley to check them out.

wvapoker said...

1st I love the above commentor's name.

2nd - As soon as I saw those beans I knew this place was in trouble.

I'm Dad (and I said so!) said...

Enter your Spongebob jokes here.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

From a distance, that thing looks more like a crab cake than a hot dog.

As for that list, I'm pretty sure that it was put together over a couple of afternoons and a search engine.

Unknown said...

The paper doesn't know how to write anythign but positive stuff. Is it related to advertising dollars? Perhaps.

This just goes to show why blogs like yours and ours are such a vital public service.

I have to go now and spend a bunch of money having dinner at a mediocre joint so I can complain about it on Fork You.

Jimmyshooter said...

OK, as for Stanton the self proclaimed pork scrap molded in a skin connoisseur.The write ups in the Daily Mail,WV Living Magazine and 101 most unique places to eat were for our MD. Crab Cakes and soups.Crabby Patti`s has never marketed,wanted or wished to sell weiners.We do, for adventurers like yourself who drive many miles,use much gas and valuable time to eat off the dollar menu.

Jimmyshooter said...

And as for beans,we like em like that in MD.As for Capitol Market,you are sadly mistaken.We have actual Crab Meat in our Crabcakes.You would be hard pressed to find as much meat in 20 of Their cakes as in 1 of ours.As for the presentation of the weiner they like it loaded around here,broaden your horizons,pick up a fork. Thanks a bunch, Jim

vector4u said...

This place is excellent! Great people and great food.

I would not base my decision to go there from someone who orders a hotdog from a seafood restaurant. If fact, I think the dog looks pretty good.

If you want a hotdog with ketchup stay home and nuke one.

crcrank said...

These are the best crabcakes I have ever had. Including samples from AK to CA to MD. Its hard to find that much lump crab meat as opposed to the mushier stuffing like filler. I think they have the best food around including much of that you can find in Charleston. Tidewater may have a larger variety of high end meals but they still won't beat them on a crabcake. Its worth the trip to Ripley from either Charleston or Parkersburg for a short road trip and something a little different. The coconut shrimp and any of the fried fish is also very good. I feel very thankful to have Crabbi Patti's in this area, very refreshing compared to the typical fare in a small town.

crcrank said...

Read the other reviews on this restaurant. This is a hot dog review blog commenting on a seafood restaurant.