Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hometown Hot Dogs in Clarksburg is No More (sort of...)

A mid-morning business trip took me back through the Stealey section of Clarksburg, and I was shocked to find out that one of the better HDJs in the area had closed up shop. Hometown Hot Dogs' building had been renovated into a new Allstate office.

I was a little down about this fact, but I only had to tell one associate who was quick to tell me not to worry: this same crew had apparently set up shop a few miles away in the East View section between Clarksburg and Anmoore. However, they no longer go by the "Hometown" moniker. Instead, the new establishment is known as Smiley's Hot Dogs.

I now have a new mission to find this new hot dog haven and see if they can match or surpass the previously awarded 4.5 weenie rating that they had earned in the past. Be on the lookout for a forthcoming review of Smiley's.


Enos Straitt said...

Oh boy! Another good reason to go back for a visit!

sambam said...

I don't remember the place we visited in the 60s but we loved that chili dog. We spent many summers in West Milford and would go to Clarksburg a couple times each week to get a chili dog. Living in Florida all of my life, I don't think I have ever eaten a chili dog as good as the ones in WVA.