Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morrison's and Skeenies both make Rachel Ray's Top 64!!!!!!

Thanks to our good friend Hawk Krall and his considerable influence in the food blogging world, two of the most celebrated HDJs in West Virginia have been included in the bracket of 64 best hot dogs in America on the hugely popular Every Day with Rachel Ray website.

OK WVHD fans, let's rally to the aid of our state's finest! Leave your enthusiastic comment on the Rachel Ray site to make sure that we're not overlooked. We have a lot of geography and population to make up for.


Unknown said...

Apropos of nothing but the hot dog map, I have to tell you guys that when I first heard about the WV Hot Dog map and the whole idea that slaw was this characteristic West Virginia hot dog thing, I was completely flummoxed. I grew up in McDowell County, and via Facebook I am connected with lots of my fellow McDowell and Mercer County folks. While all of us know what a slaw dog is, none of us think it would ever be automatically part of a hot dog. I therefore request that McDowell and Mercer no longer appear as green on your map. Seriously.

Stanton said...

Miles, while it's true we haven't made it to the Free State of McDowell, we have polled several HDJs by phone and found that slaw is listed among the standard options when asked "what's everything?" As for Mercer, I have personally been to three different HDJs in the past two years in that county and all three offered slaw as a standard topping. Sorry, but our experiences differ. How long have you been away?