Wednesday, August 10, 2011

M&M Dairy Belle Celebrates 60 Years

Due to the incessant whining passionate advocacy of Huntington Weenie Wonk Chris James, we allowed one - and only one - HDJ from outside the confines of our state borders to be included on our illustrious Five Weenie HDJ list. Deciding that M&M Dairy Belle can't help the fact that they sit on the wrong bank of the Ohio River (in Chesapeake) and coupled with the indisputable fact that they serve the best WVHD in the Huntington Area, we have decided to allow these Buckeyes to crash our party.

This weekend, the HDJ celbrates 60 years of slinging chili and slaw. Congratulations!


caroleinfl said...

I need to move back to WV. I sure miss good hot dogs.

Christopher Scott Jones said...

Rumor has it that Congressman Rahall tried to use some of the TARP money to move M&M to WV via either building relocation or diverting the Ohio River. After the GOP takeover of the House, however, Speaker Boehner blocked the move, as it would've been biggest loss for Ohio since the Browns moved to Baltimore.