Thursday, March 01, 2012

Barboursville HDJ - Dave's

I was stuck at the Huntington Mall the other day while my car was being repaired. Since it was around lunchtime, I strolled over to the food court for some Chick-fil-A or Big Loafer. Curiously enough, I noticed a new hot dog joint open in the former Dairy Queen location. I figured it was worth a review.

The toppings list was concerning. In clear defiance of WV hot dog culture, the toppings list included "ketchup" and exotic ingredients like "jalapeƱo," "kraut," and "mayo." While slaw was free, the sauce (called "chili" despite being in Cabell County) cost an extra $.25. Very confusing indeed.

After making my order, I stood at an angle where I could watch the preparation process. For some reason, they microwave the buns, leaving them somewhat rubbery. Next, the chef de weenie took a frank from a roller (beats a water bath) & then added the toppings (including sauce from a crockpot).

The end result was an enjoyable if flawed utilitarian WV hot dog experience.

First, the problems. The mouthfeel created by the inexplicably nuked bun was downright odd. It seemed like something one would do in a college dorm, not at a hot dog stand. The homemade sauce, while thoughtful, needed a bit more salt and some sort of heat.

Now, the good. The weenie was an Eckrich frank and the onions were just the right texture. The homemade slaw was sweet, creamy, and as good as any that can be found in Huntington.

Overall, this place gets a 3 weenie rating with lots of room for improvement. A few tweaks of the sauce and a better method of bun warming and this place is easily in the 4-4.5 range. I'll give them some time for the constructive criticism to soak in and will re-review in a couple of months.


Christopher Scott Jones said...

I should note that, with a Heiner's bakery in Huntington, no Cabell County HDJ should ever have stale buns, thereby rendering nuking the bread wholly unnecessary. By refraining from microwave usage, this place could improve significantly.

nicholl meadows said...

I have eaten at this establishment a lot since it has been open. For one I would love to know where you went to culinary school? Next I would like to know where you get off slandering these nice people?!? And with the picture that is in your blog of the store.... Wow buddy your ready for a lawsuit because the Huntington Mall doesn't allow pictures to be taken!!! My family owns Hillbilly Hotdogs and if anyone should know hotdogs we should!!! These are the best hot dogs around in my eyes!!

Stanton said...

I'll have you know that Chris studied culinary arts at the Institute de' Richwood.

Now that's settled, tell us where you got your law degree.

Unknown said...

I was looking for their number and came across your blog. I think the hot dogs dogs are excellent. Been going go them for a few weeks. I work in the mall they offer a mall discount so it helps. I would rate them a 5 out of 5. Friendly service and good food. I agree chili is a weird name but its great chili sauce!