The Three Kinds of WVHDs

Not all WVHDs are made with the same attitude. In 2009 created a classification system for hot dogs that broke them down into three categories: Utilitarian Dogs, Genteel Dogs and Artisan Dogs. To find out more details about each of these classes read the full posts by clicking on those class names, or you can just read the synopsis below:

"The Utilitarian Dog"
 Hot dogs in this class are usually served at dairy bars and other such joints that feature fast service and inexpensive dogs. They are usually stuffed into a wax paper sleeve or wrapped up in cellophane with no thought at all given to presentation. They are for the purpose of tasting great and filling up your belly fast. Period. 

"The Genteel Dog"

Genteel Dogs are the second, and perhaps the most prevalent class of hot dogs sold at West Virginia HDJs. They are neater in appearance than Utilitarian Dogs and most times there is some thought given to the presentation Presentation aside, Genteel Dogs dogs are also likely to have perceived upgrades in the weenies, buns and onions to further give the "appearance of refinement and respectability." 

"The Artisan Dog"
Artisan Dogs, for the most part, bear no resemblance to what most purists think of when they have a craving for a WVHD. Instead of making something great of cheap ingredients, Artisan Dogs take expensive ingredients and try to make something novel. Some restaurants call them "Gourmet Hot Dogs."

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